Audio Bible for Missionaries

Аudio Bible for Missionaries

Dear friends, the goal of the ministry of RadioMv is to bring the Word of God to every home. In the current year God gave us the opportunity to spread the Word of God in countries of the second and third world. This is primarily India and countries in Africa and South America.

Until now, the availability of the Bible, and especially recorded audio Bible, in these areas has been limited. The primary problem for numerous tribes and villages is limited access to electricity, let alone the Internet. The second problem is that not everyone has the opportunity to learn to read in his or her own language.

After some research, we decided to deliver audio Bibles and programs by means of a portable music player designed specifically for such countries. It is a portable music player that uses alternative sources of electric power.

First, the player contains a mounted handle, which charges the battery when it is revolved and thereby powers the device. Also included in the set is a solar battery, which charges the player from sunlight.

These are two ways to solve the problem of lack of electricity. But the set contains at least two more ways. There is a wire that allows the player to be charged via the car cigarette lighter, or directly through a battery or standard power supply.

The player has a durable case, an intuitive display, and a headphone output.

On our side, we upload audio Bible into the player in the language of the group of people to which it is shipped. The recorded Bible is stored in the more reliable internal memory, which reduces the chances of being accidentally deleted.

The player also accepts SD flash cards, so in the future we plan to collaborate with local Christians to record edifying material that will be played on this player.

Thus we are able to provide the Word of God to many more people. Many of the listeners of these players hear the narratives of the New Testament in their native language for the first time. Through these players we also are able to help local Christians in the ministry of audio recording.

Together with you, we will be able to fulfill the will of our Lord, which He left in the Scripture saying, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel…” Mark 16:15.

If the Lord has called your heart and you want to sponsor the purchase of one or more of these players, please call our office or click on the link “Become a Sponsor.”

God bless you!

WARNING: When completing the form, in the tab “Purpose of Gift” please check “Other,” and in “Note” type “Audio Bible for Africa, India or South America.”

PURCHASE PRICE & preparation for ONE (1) PLAYER (the entire set): $125


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