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This is the new model of digital radio receiver, one that many have inquired about. Unlike the previous model, this radio receiver is much more stable. The receiver has a new design, a compact size and, of course, a new corresponding price that also includes the cost of shipping. All of the proceeds from selling the radio receivers go towards the ministry of RadioMv. By purchasing our products you directly support radio ministry.


1. What kind of receiver is it?
This is a digital radio receiver of the brand “Ocean Digital” a cordless model with the ability to connect via a wire, intended for listening to radio via the Internet.

2. Do I need Internet in order to listen?

Yes, Internet is necessary to listen to the radio.

3. Do I need a computer to listen?
Many people ask this question. No, a computer is not needed. This radio receiver essentially replaces the computer for listening to radio via the Internet.

4. How many stations are programmed in the receiver, or only RadioMv?
This radio receiver is programmed for four radio channels. Two of them are in Russian and two in English. For both languages, one of the channels is for low quality (24Kb) for those with slower Internet, and the second is for high quality (128kb).

5. How to turn it on and connect it?
Inside the package you will find instructions for connecting the receiver. In order to connect this receiver to the Internet, you must have Internet access, and then, depending on whether your Internet is wireless or via cable, connect the receiver following the instructions in the package.

6. Will this receiver work in Russia, Ukraine and other countries of the world?
Yes, this receiver will work anywhere regardless of the country, with only one condition that it is connected to the Internet, and of course will require the appropriate adapter for connection to electricity.

7. How much does the receiver cost?
We resell these receivers for $113, which covers our costs of purchasing and programming.

8. How and where to order it?
You can order the receiver on our website at On the main page, at the bottom, is a button “Order Digital Radio,” click on it. Copy the code for digital radio at the bottom of the page (6 digits), click on “Order Digital Radio,” fill out the order form and we will send you a receiver upon receiving your order.

9. What is the cost of shipping?
Shipment is $12 in the US.

10. How long does the shipment take?
Shipment takes from one to two weeks.

Attention: during checkout, in the section “Account Information,” in the subsection “Notes” you must mention the code of the item being purchased. Otherwise, your payment will be accepted as a donation.

Price: $113 + $12 shipping in the US
Price: $125.00 (USD)

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