Prison Ministry

In August 2011, at the request of missionaries ministering in prisons, we have launched a new program “There is Hope” to preach the gospel in prisons.

God calls many of us to not stay afar or be indifferent to the fate of people who are in prison. The goal of creating the program “There is Hope” was to inform prisoners that they have the opportunity to find change and spiritual freedom. God is merciful to all people on the earth and loves all with His infinite love. The program included relevant sermons and hymns for the encouragement and growth of prisoners who have turned to the Lord.

If you wish to order the program “There is Hope,” please call 1(425) 296-7829 during business hours.

Duration of each part: 30 minutes.

Content: songs, sermons, Bible reading, testimonies.

Subject: specially selected for the encouragement and strengthening of prisoners.

Format: Set of 50 CD’s.

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