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By filling out the form below, you can subscribe to the monthly edition of the RadioMv Newsletter. Thanks to brothers who have responded with financial support for this project, we published the first issue of our newsletter in June 2012. The flier comes folded like an envelope. It contains an envelope with a return address for those wishing to support the radio ministry financially. The newsletter goes to print at the end of each month and is sent out in the middle of following month.

The newsletter includes: a short edifying word from the RadioMv staff, a review of last month’s events, birthdays at RadioMv, news and announcements of the radio station as well as a list of popular audio orders during the past month.

If you have not signed up, do it today! And if you already receive our newsletter, recommend it to your friends and family!

(At the moment we are provided a large discount, which lowers the cost of printing one of these newsletters to 7 cents.)

Attention: Due to the high cost of sending the newsletter abroad, the printed version of the newsletter is distributed only in the US.

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