Internet Radio

You can buy RadioMv digital Internet, that broadcasts in five languages – English, Spanish, German, Russian, and Ukrainian. Listeners can purchase a digital device for their convenience, making it easy to access our radio station and listen to our programs that bring spiritual nourishment and edification.

Websites where you can purchase a receiver similar to the one we distribute in the USA and Canada:







All of our audiobooks are available in “mp3” format.

To purchase a book, simply select the book you want and click “buy this”. After making the payment, we will send you a link to your e-mail, which you can use to download the book to your device.


Do you ever wear clothes with advertisements for brands and companies you don’t even know about? Now you can order a RadioMv T-shirt and proudly represent a ministry that you support.

Our T-shirts have a simple design and come in a variety of colors. By purchasing a RadioMv T-shirt, you not only support our radio service but also make a nice gift for yourself or your loved ones.

Stickers & Canvases

Show your support for RadioMv by ordering a sticker for your car or a wall in your home.

Our stickers come in two forms: one for use in your home and the other for your vehicle. You can also order a RadioMv canvas for your home or office.

By purchasing our stickers or canvases, you are helping to support our radio service and spread the word about our ministry.