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Since RadioMv is not a commercial broadcaster, without the help of the audience it would be difficult to remain broadcasting all year round, even though radio and the Internet are very efficient means of transmitting information.

God can use each of you to help and support RadioMv, and we, in turn, will make every effort to help others hear the gospel. Together we will do even more for our Lord.

Remember that many are counting on us, and we are counting on you!

Donations can be deducted from your taxable income. All US residents receive a receipt for each donation.

1. Credit Card
You can donate by credit card online or by phone. All transfers over the Internet are protected.
Credit Card via Internet

– 1 (425) 296-7829

2. Аutomatic money transfer through a bank
You can make automatic transfers through your bank or send a check via the Internet. All money transfers over the Internet are protected.
Money transfers by check via the Internet.
– 1 (425) 296-7829

3. Check (US only)
Make your checks payable to RadioMv.
Our postal address:
PO Box 523
Mount Vernon, WA 98273

4. Paypal
You can make a donation with your personal PayPal account. Please note that the website exists only in English.

5. Western Union

You can make your donation through the banking system Western Union.

When transferring money you must specify: “To RadioMv”

Important! Once you make payment through Western Union, please send us an email at: [email protected] and enter your full name, the transfer amount, the country from which you made contributions, as well as money transfer control number (MTCN), that you receive from the bank in the translation.

– Website of Western Union:

You can find the nearest service location in the section “Find locations”. (If the search does not work, try to enter the name of your city in English in the search bar).

And you can call the Customer Service Center by phone (495) 797-2197 or call the hotline 8 800 200 2232 (toll-free in Russia) 24/7.

Recipient: Paul Lovin
Address: PO Box 523
City: Mount Vernon
State: WA
Country: USA

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