Mission Trip to India

In 2010, with the considerable help of our listeners, RadioMv delivered backpacks and school supplies to a children’s home in India for the first time.

This project, led by God’s discretion, was a huge success. We received letters of thanks from the local missionaries and children. These letters, written by unskilled children’s hands, caused tears of joy and humility in those who read them.

Keeping in touch with the missionary brothers we saw the need not only in financial support, but also in spiritual awakening among the population. In India, numerous traditional beliefs, including Hinduism, are widely professed and this affects the popular opinion towards other religions. In particular, the transition from one religion to another is generally discouraged. And in some neighborhoods, the transition to Christianity is even persecuted.

First of all, the difficulty faced by missionaries in preaching the word of God and in communicating results from the fact that every second citizen is unable to read or write. But here, too, in this seemingly hopeless situation, God came to help.

Our partnering brothers were solving this crucial need thousands of miles away from India.

In a short time, they found a company that produces solar-charging audio players with a large memory to store records. We were thankful to God for such a fast response to our need. And the first batch of receivers has been sent to India for a trial.

The audio players with records of the Bible in the Hindi and Garo languages  were an immense help for the local ministers and missionaries. The players were distributed in hardly accessible, remote areas where missionaries simply could not have physically attended.

To this day, the Lord calls listeners and our friends to sponsor this project and the audio players continue to be regularly delivered to India.

Friends, since the audio players are not ordinary, their cost is also respectively considerable. However, your contribution for one of these players grants the opportunity for many families to hear the Word of God in India.